Understanding New Culture

Understanding New Culture

A good traveler visits a city, roams on the city streets and meet new people, learns their culture, their lifestyle, their languages, how they speak with gestures and postures, how they live, what traditions they follow, what festival they celebrate, what fashion they wear and other things, it teaches us how big the world is and how different the people are which is very exciting and fun in its own way.

Experiencing new tastes:

One of the most interesting parts of traveling is, trying different cuisine, coming out of our comfort taste and eating something different is totally a mesmerizing thing.

Witnessing the Fascinating spots

Our earth is very tiny compared to the universe but for us, it is the most char-mastic, wonderful and biggest place to live and what makes earth that livable is our home, our city, nature, and all the beautiful heritages, monuments, wonders, and many other manmade places. And witnessing them is an experience that can’t share in words

Capturing the moments that show life is unreal

Why unreal word is used here, because there are some places that are not less than magic, like northern lights, icebergs, deserts, mountains over the clouds, oceans, southern pole, and other places where such type of natural phenomenon occurs that shows how the life beyond thinking is.  And capturing this once-in-a-lifetime experience is no less than a blessing.

Understanding New Culture

Manmade hospitality

In other cities, hotels, rooms, and resorts are our second homes, visiting parks, libraries, cafes, aquariums, etc. shows that humans can also create miracles. Shopping for the things that are a specialty of that place is like carrying a livable memory. And having a coffee in every café we saw because every place coffee tastes different.

And last but not least,

Journey through vehicles:

Whatever we saw till now is a destination, real fun is found in the journey, traveling through the different vehicles like train, bus, airplanes, ships, etc. holds special memories, things going back and we move forward, is like letting go problems from life.

Travelling summarizes life in a nutshell, the one who travels has a broader mind compared to other, the person who explores the places never have a negative mindset, and leave life with no regrets because they saw everything in their journey. But traveling is not everyone’s cup of tea, its needs courage, daring, audacity, and passion. But afterall traveling is fun.